What is Taldég?

Taldég (in local dialect "I tell you") is a project where passion, cooperation and knowledge combine together in order to create a new concept of travel: ethical, authentic, alternative.

Taldég manages apartments to rent in the most suggestive locations of the city center and gives them value inserting objects and art pieces made by the local artists and artisans, members of our network. Put yourself comfortable and choose the apartment that reflects your needs; all our houses are in the areas of most interest.

With us, it won't be just a simple accommodation, a simple holiday...you will stay in actual exhibition spaces where every object tells a story, holds the passions of the person that created it and represents the pure essence of Bologna and its inhabitants. If you wish, you can meet our artists and get directly in touch with them.

The charm of a city is made by many pieces, many activities and people that live and work in Bologna throughout the year: from this principle our network was created.

Artists, artisans, public places, restaurants, shops and much more.

Put yourself comfortable and enjoy your voyage of discovery...you won't have to miss precious moments looking on the internet for things to do and places to go and to eat.

Taldég will take care of all these things as a trusted friend. We offer you an experience far from cliches and mass tourism.

If you'll choose us, you will live as a real citizen, involved and informed about Bologna's life. We'll offer you daily a map of the city's activities, of its secrets, combining technology with the comeback to an old pleasure of travelling, discovering passions and realities that only local people know.

Live like a local... Our city is your home.

Begin your experience as a citizen of the world, be citizen of Bologna thanks to our project!

Our city is your home.

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