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    Are you tired of being just a simple tourist? Are you willing to immerse yourself in a city and live it through the eyes of a local? You’re about to live a unique, authentic and yet alternative experience with Taldeg!, supporting local culture and economy!

    Choose to stay in one of our flats, and before you know it you will find yourself living in an art gallery surrounded by amazing works by local artists.

    Discover and experience every secret location and special events that only a real Bolognese knows about through our event schedule.

    Find the flat that best suits you!

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    Are you a property owner and you wish to make the most out of your estates without any risk or insolvency issue? Are you already using channels dedicated to short-term rentals but you wish not to worry about guests management anymore?

    Become part of our project…Taldeg will handle everything! Enhance the very soul of your city by refurbishing your house with works of artists and artisans that joined our network.

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    Are you an artist or artisan? Do you wish to promote your work and increase your visibility and your customer base?

    Taldeg offers you the opportunity to reach a wide audience! Show your works in our dedicated spaces and enhance the soul of your own city.

    Compile the form and join our network! 

About Us and our/yours project

About Us and our/yours project

Taldeg (Bolognese for “I’m telling you”) is a project in which we combined competence, cooperation  and passion with the goal of creating a new idea of travelling: unique, authentic and supportive of local economy. The heart of a city dwells in the experiences and in the work of the people who living in it day by day learned every secret and beauty. It' s a matter of passion and time, like in every life changing love story.

Taldeg believes in this concept and will grab you by the hand like a trusted friend, enlighting you about the vibrant frangances and colors of the conceled street of the old town, guiding you in discovering old artisan workshops, the art and the history of a city suspended between old and new. Lose yourself in the beauty, stay in one of our flats and enjoy the work of our networks’ artists.

Get to know the authentic soul of the city, we are here to make sure you will experience everything that makes this place so unique! Be a citizen of the world, be a Bologna citizen!

Our city is your home.

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